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SAT is one of the most sought after tests for the admission into the top universities in the US and several other universities outside the U.S. (Singapore, etc.). Many students, in spite of constant efforts, are not able to break the barrier to cross 1500 even after taking the test more than once or twice. However, 1500 plus score in the SAT is very much gettable. One just need to be heedful of theme following:

Read thoroughly every day for the Reading Section. Your reading material must consist of US novels and magazines and journals of the US. You do not read to real full novels; just peruse 15-20 Pages every day. You are tested on the way you understand the text and not any knowledge of a particular subject.

Know all the grammar rules that come. Refer to official material for the same and while practising from the tests in the College Board website, pay close attention to the rules that are tested. 

Practise math daily to ensure that you get full marks in MATH which is comparatively easier than for Indian students. 

Practise reading section and grammar section questions daily or at least five days a week. 30 minutes of math and 30 min of verbal everyday will do wonders. JUST BE CONSISTENT. No hard work required. 

Having a great vocabulary boosts score in the Reading section. So while you read magazines and books, pick useful words from them.

Ensure that while practising, your focus is not just on the right answers but mostly on the reason behind why you got an answers right or wrong. In Verbal section, there are no right or wrong answers. There are just the best answers. 

Try finding flaws in your ways of doing questions, if you see that you are getting most of the questions wrong.

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