Tips for major Exam preparation during the Lockdown

Underline the nationwide lockdown; we see a paradigm shift from the conventional approach of learning to E-learning. This seems to be an unprecedented teaching pedagogy in the educational sector across the nation, leaving smaller classes, students, and instructors to adjust to different types of interactions, whether through video or text-based discussion.

Amid the pandemic, Lockdown lot of us are stick to our Exams preparation to build up a profession as we wish. The time is demanding as we are under isolation and countrywide lockdown. So the only way to prepare for the scheduled exams is through E-Learning or Online classes. Despite the worries, you need to utilize this time adequately for your learnings.

So here are some tips that you must follow to utilize your time for preparation of Exams such as CLAT, MBA, IELTS, GMAT, etc.

1. Shift to Online Learning

Continue your preparation for Exams at the comfort of your home. It can be done very well via the internet according to your needs and request. Perhaps the best option is shifting your mode of preparation from conventional to online learning.

2. Utilize this time for self-study

Students who are going to attempt exams in the coming months can utilize this time as an opportunity for self-study. You can make your learning increasingly inventive through online learning. Although classes are shut, the majority of the examination materials are accessible related to exams. EducateNext has access to all the previous year question papers and model test papers so that you can prepare for exams without the limitations of time or location

3. Attend Online classes

EducateNext provides you, online classes, for all the leading exams such as CLAT, IELTS, MBA CAT, DU JAT, GMAT, etc. These classes are provided to ease your learning, which increases productivity. With EducateNext, you can have recordings of classes, download it, replay and review it a number of times as you like.

4. Timetable for preparation

Make a timetable for your preparation. You must utilize this time properly. Though it is difficult for us to focus while staying indoors, we cannot let the time flow. Hence to utilize the time better, you can plan a proper schedule and study accordingly. Have a set time to study and perform other activities.

5. Stay away from distraction

The nationwide lockdown has put us under social distancing, which has resulted in anxiety and mental health concerns. Hence it is important to keep yourself positive and during the study time. Turn off all the sources of news like TV, Mobile while the time you concentrate on studies. Positivity is everywhere; you need to find it.

6. Take regular break

Staying indoors doesn’t necessarily mean that you keep yourself engaged with studies. Take regular breaks to freshen yourself, so that it helps to keep your study productive.

7. Prepare daily and weekly targets

Prepare weekly targets and goals, and check whether you have completed your target portions, revised, practiced mock tests. EducateNext has a list of Mock Test papers and previous year question papers, which are based on the latest exam pattern.

8. Engage in discussion with Experts

All the aspirants who had been engaging in group discussions can shift their discussions to some online video-conferencing. EducaNext is providing you an opportunity to engage with their online tutors are ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

Do and Dont’s while preparing for all the major examinations.

  • Avoid all distractions such as Instagram, Facebook, and other social media throughout the preparation.
  • Make a set plan for the day and try to accomplish it by the end.
  • Practice all the mocks provide by EducateNext and effectively analyze your preparation.
  • Inculcate meditation and yoga to control anxiety
  • It is also pertinent that you take care of your health. Eat healthily and fix your sleeping hours.
  • Engage with your family and friends to stay motivated throughout.


As an aspirant, you must focus on your preparation. The best thing is that you have less distraction and more time than earlier. Use it wisely. A lot of content available online can be accessed for free or with minimal charges. All you have to do is stick to the plan and prepare accordingly. EducateNext is readily available to help you with its online learning. Make best out of this moment, and despite the challenges, concentrate on your preparations.