• Firstly, we need to know the purpose of GRE, and GMAT. While GMAT is purely meant to pave way towards admission in management courses such as MBA, MIM, Management Diplomas and PhD in Management, GRE is acceptable for any graduate course, including management. While many universities do take GRE scores for management programs, not all of them prefer GRE.
  • If your only target is to do a management program, it is recommended that you take GMAT as it is a better analysis of your candidacy as a student for a management program.  GMAT’s content is closer to the management aptitude that b-schools look for.
  • However, the chances of getting admitted into a b-school through GRE cannot be undermined. If you find taking GRE more comfortable than taking GMAT, you may take GRE, but consider your options of the universities in which you want to get the admission, as every university does not give options between GMAT, and GRE.
  • It is recommended that you first take a trial or a diagnostic test of both GRE, and GMAT, analyze the contents of both these tests.
  • If vocabulary is your forte, and you can easily imbibe words, then GRE should be your go. If you are comfortable with grammar and logic, you should prefer GMAT.
  • GMAT is a question adaptive test whereas GRE is a section adaptive one. Every next question that you do in GMAT is dependent on how you  did the last question.

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