Doing MBA isn’t just enough! Doing it from a top B-school is what makes you reach the zenith of professional success.

So what it takes to get a great B-school?

• The first step towards your B-school aim is to take GMAT. A GMAT score above 720 will unlock the gates to any great B-school around the world. Although, there are several B-schools that do not specify any minimum scored required by them, you must, even then, aim for a high score which will give you an edge over other applicants during the admission process. There are many universities that give you an option between GMAT, and GRE. They do it to increase the number of applications, but the fact is that they will prefer a GMAT score over GRE one for MBA.

• After you have scored well in GMAT, you can shortlist the universities based on your profile, GPA, and GMAT score, and also on your area of interest in management.

• The prerequisite for doing MBA is that you must have a work experience of two or three years, depending on universities’ eligibility criteria.

• After the universities’ short-listing is done, you need to start preparing for your application and interview for the admission. It is recommended that you need to give an average of 300 – 400 hours to prepare completely for the application. You may read business magazines such as The Economist, Forbes Business, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Business week, and likewise on a regular basis to be in touch and in cognizance with the business world. Do not write one essay for all your universities that you have shortlisted. You need to customize your application for each selected university.

• It is recommended that you apply during the early phase of the admissions, especially when you require a scholarship. It is true that top business schools do provide scholarships, and sometimes, up to 100% scholarship to the deserving candidates.

What does your application consists of?

✓ Letters of recommendation- from those under whom you have worked as a professional.

✓ Essays given on the website of the universities you are applying to.

✓ Your CV

✓ Proof of work experience if the proof is asked

✓ Official transcripts (that are your marks converted into GPA)

✓ Application fee of the university you are applying to

✓ Valid GMAT score

Thank you!!

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