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We will dispel all your doubts about foreign education, and talk about what it takes to get the best among the best 100 universities of the world. Educate Next has been focusing on sending its students to the best universities of the world. 

Getting admission into a foreign university is not difficult. What makes students withdraw thoughts about joining a US based or Europe-based University is the apprehension whether they will be able to afford the cost of education abroad! The straightforward answer is: YES! You can even study abroad for free or at an affordable cost! If you are diligent and focused, and have made up your mind to go for nothing but the best, then you can realize this possibility. If you work as hard for a US university as you work for Indian universities, your chances of success are more than double. It is the US which gives the maximum and maximum number of scholarships to international students. 

The main difference in the way of selection by Indian universities and US ones is that the Indian universities only focus on your entrance. They are not bothered about your extra-curricular activities, or your interests, or hobbies. If you tell an Indian Vice Chancellor that you really love painting and you are good at Parkour or rapping, he will bluntly tell you that you should focus on studies or seek to study in Arts school. He or she would consider an engineering admit telling about painting as irrelevant to his field. Moreover, here, the things are rigid, and admissions are based on biased factors such as reservations, and age limits. But the scenario in the US is totally different: the admission officers in the US are really interested in your characteristics, and your interests, or your hobbies and talents. They don’t want LEARNING MACHINES crammed with theories; they want ‘people’.

What is needed to get top universities in the USA:

–              SAT is required by all top universities in the US. The test takes just 2-3 months to be prepared, considering that the student is average. SAT is conducted six times a year.

–              The other requisite is the IELTS or TOEFL. They are English proficiency tests meant for non-English speaking natives. These tests are also the bases of getting student visa.

–              Profile is another requisite for the admission. In general, any quality, talent, skill, or inclination will be included in you profile. For instance, if your sports participations and achievements, your creativities such as singing, dancing, arts, sketches, acting, oration, rapping, and so on, or your knowledge of multiple languages, or your social work: all will fall under profile.

Most private universities in the USA consider profile more than your marks and SAT. But you have to have at least 2 areas strong; for instance, a student with good marks, good profile, and not so good SAT score may get 100 % scholarship in a high ranking university. Even if your marks are not great, you should try to get a high score in SAT and improve your profile: this is another way to get a great varsity with scholarships

It is recommended to start aiming for foreign education as early as in class 11th, so that you can secure the best chances of getting admits. Educate Next is best SAT coaching in Lucknow, also Educate Next is best coaching for GMAT in Lucknow. Also, best coaching for GRE, IELTS and TOEFL in Lucknow is Educate Next. We have helped number of students getting top universities of world including that in World’s best – Stanford University

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